Wedding Photography Price List


I charge $1200 for 8 hours. For every hour over 8 hours

I charge $75 but I will ask before I just continue shooting.

I will deliver color as well as black and white of all the photos that are usable on a flash drive. I also put them on an online gallery as well as a Google Drive share for you to download or others.


Your wedding pictures will be delivered within 30 days after the wedding.


Photography Add-Ons

1. $300 Second shooter. If you want two people capturing moments I will have someone assist me. Two camera operators do make for better pictures.


2. $75 for every hour after 8 hours.


Engagement Photos & Wedding Photos Bundle

I charge $1350 for the engagement & wedding bundle.

I would love to shoot your engagement photos and wedding photos as a package!


This covers the Photography package above for up to 8 hours and a 2 hour session for engagement photos.


Bonus Add-Ons for Engagement & Wedding Photos Bundle

1. $50 per hour instead of $75 per hours after 8 hours at the wedding.

2. $250 for Second Shooter instead of $300.

Wedding Videography Price List

I charge $1300 for a 5 to 7 minute Highlight Video.

This package includes me shooting for 8 hours. From makeup, to activities after the first dance.


You are welcome to give advice on the things you'd like to be in the video, such bridesmaids/bride and groomsmen/groom getting ready. I will do my very best to video everything, even the decorations. I am open to ANY suggestions!

I will deliver a flash drive with a 4K Highlight Video as well as a 1080 Highlight Video. I will also have it on a Google Drive share for you to download or others.


This video typically takes 30 to 60 days. If I am able to you will get it sooner.

Videography Add-Ons

1. $100 for a ceremony video. I will video the entire ceremony and deliver the video in 4K and 1080. I record audio during the ceremony and will add that to the video. If you need an example let me know and I will send you an example. These are usually 20 to 30 minutes long.

- **Because Catholic services are so long I usually do not offer full coverage of the service, however if you are having a Catholic service and want the entire service filmed let me know and we can work out a deal. Most of the Catholic weddings I shoot are 45 to 90 minutes long.**

2. $200 for an external hard drive with all raw video footage I take of the entire day. These clips are raw which means they are unedited and not color corrected. I will also add any final edit of the videos. This is an add on that can be purchased after the wedding. I keep the files on a drive and guarantee them for 3 years.

- If you purchase this add on and lose the file or drive, I will give them to you again at the price of the new drive plus shipping. If you have a drive you can mail it to me and send shipping cost and I will mail it back to you with the files.

3. $300 for a second shooter. If you want two people capturing moments I will have someone assist me. Two shots do make a for a better video. I usually work by myself but wanted to at least offer you the option.

4. $75 for every hour after 8 hours.

Music Used in Videos

Because of copyright laws I have to license music through a site called . If you’d like to pick some songs from the site I will use those specific songs. If not I will pick them for you. If you have live music being played by a band or individual I can record them to use for your audio. Just ask me about someone playing at your wedding and I’ll explain.

**Please Read - Travel Fees**

If the wedding venue is more than 100 miles from Batesville, Arkansas; it is $.50 per mile. Here is a quick breakdown; 100 miles to and 100 miles from the venue is free, 150 miles to and 150 miles back from the venue would cost $50. If the wedding is 250 miles or more to the venue you will possibly have to provide lodging. Lodging would be having a room at the venue or at a hotel. If I have to book a room to stay somewhere you will need to add that fee to your total. I hate to have to charge for this but sadly it is necessary.


In order to hold my services the cost is 50% of the total of the services. The remainder is due before the day of the wedding. You may exclude the cost of the external hard drive. Since I offer this after the wedding I don’t count the external hard drive in the retainer fee. The retainer is part of the total cost. If your package is $1200 and you give me a retainer of $600 (50%) the total you owe before the wedding is $600 making it a total of $1200 paid. 


I accept checks or money orders made out to Jason Cissell. You are always welcome to pay with cash. The apps I currently use are CashApp and Venmo. I used to accept PayPal but they take a 10% out of the money unless you select family member. If you only have PayPal let me know and I will help you walk through the process.

Side Note

If I am able to, I like to come to the rehearsal. The main reason for this is to meet the family members and the people who are important in your wedding. Just keep in mind sometimes I am not able to make it to rehearsal but will always let you know if I can or can’t. I might be the only person in the world that does this lol.

In Closing

If you decide to choose Jett's Landing to capture your day I will send a contract to an email or emails to either mail to me or email back.